50 ml amber glass bottles with dropper cap


Our herbs are ecologically grown & harvested. Our tinctures are individually handcrafted on our farm. General Information:

* Tinctures are one of the best mediums for extracting medicinal compounds from plants. They are safe, effective, portable, long-lasting, and very easy to use.

* We have been carefully handcrafting tinctures since 1992, using certified organic, ecologically grown, and/or ethically-wildcrafted herbs, most from our own farm. * Tinctures may be taken in juice or water (high quality tinctures are potent and often taste quite bitter).

* Take as directed. Take the low end of the dosage range for long-term prevention, and use the high end of the dosage range when you are experiencing acute symptoms.

* Individuals under 110 pounds, or those who are sensitive to medicines generally, may wish to stay with the low end of the dosage range. Otherwise, please remember that therapeutically-active dosages are important, so it is ineffective to use inappropriately small doses. A determining factor in whether herbal remedies 'work' depends on if they are taken in the appropriate and sufficient amounts. As a rule of thumb, the closer you dose to the higher end of the suggested dosage, the better the results!

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